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Blocked IP[bulö’ö kode]

Hi, to add to the information about granting of block exemption at metwiki

A steward's IP block is broad in coverage of wikis, though it is shallow, in that any local modification overrides it, that can be either through

For example if you look Special:Contributions/ you should see that it is globally blocked. There should be a "local status" link equivalent that allows you to link through to the whitelist to override the block.

Pretty well everything that can be done globally, can be overridden by a local admin; all except for account locks. Hope that helps. Billinghurst (talk) 11 Mei 2021 17.53 (WIB)[tema li]

Thank you so much for pointing this out, as I was not aware of this before. I have now made exception for one of our community members whose IP address is blocked (till 2024!). He is an active contributor on our wiki. Thanks. slaiatalk 11 Mei 2021 18.37 (WIB)[tema li]

Translation request[bulö’ö kode]


Can you translate and upload the articles id:Bahasa Azeri, id:Bangsa Azerbaijan and id:Azerbaijan in Nias Wikipedia? Short and simple articles are enough.

Yours sincerely, Multituberculata (talk) 2 November 2021 23.39 (WIB)[tema li]

Hi @Multituberculata we don't have enough resources at the moment. Don't worry all people in Indonesia can speak and read in Indonesian, so the articles on the Indonesian Wikipedia are more than sufficient. Thanks. slaiatalk 3 November 2021 00.05 (WIB)[tema li]
I understand. Thank you for the reply. Multituberculata (talk) 3 November 2021 00.06 (WIB)[tema li]