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Editing the category[bulö’ö kode]

Hallo, thank you for editing at Nias Wikipedia ( recently. However I would ask you not to remove categories from articles, before you discuss it at the village pump, which I doubt you can because you can't speak Nias. The categories are there to make it easier to find certain articles.

I'd kindly discourage you from writing on Nias Wikipedia if you don't speak the language. There have been a few articles written by non-Nias speaking people recently and as you can expect full of language mismatch, wrong words and wrong grammar etc. (I assume they use machine translation or similar solution). And we don't have enough resources to improve other people's bad written articles. That would damage the reputation of Nias Wikipedia in the eye of Nias people, the very people who are the main audience of niawp. It would make the reader think Wikipedia is full of rubbish articles and cannot be trusted.

Thank you for your understanding and I apologise may way of writing in English is not polite enough (I'm not proficient enough in English). slaiatalk 18 Yanuari 2022 17.12 (WIB)